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Mindfully thoughtless

Rajasee Bhattacharya

Team I am government

Conversating is a critical mode of expression. It bears heavy implications of its own as well as based on how it's presented. What remains an area that repeatedly accentuates the absence of prudence in delivering refined ideas across to the people in India, are the crass expression of opinions in public.

The political and social leaders are increasingly lacking in the employment of commonsensical linguistic articulation in both stating as well as resisting pre-stated ideas. This limitation in the use of intellectualism is giving rise to an extensive hooliganism and mediocrity. There's a tendency of succumbing to mass hysteria and perpetual indecisiveness.

People are left in ignorance of the actual information of relevance, leaving them with very limited opportunity to engage in a healthy and informed deliberation on the subject matters. This shifts the focus from the actual issue in hand, more often than not. It also promotes a trend of underwhelming opinions from the people regarding subjects of rather crucial nature with high stakes.

It may be prudent to provide information in a manner that are intelligible even for the most common person in the citizenry. But, to blur out the difference between exoteric and outrageous or the difference between esoteric and pragmatic is, in fact, an idea that the Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci influenced how the whole attempt to adopt an intellectual narrative is failed.

The responsibility of the government, as the primary legislature of the country, is to at least stop obstructing abstract but innovatively intellectual dialogues in the country. Radical or not, the method of mediation should be by responding equally cleverly, instead of suppressing expression as a whole.

We, as citizens, can too bring forward the initiation of a paradigm shift in the way of presentation of outlooks. Any ideas that encompasses and mobilises the masses are to be given a serious collective response to. The massive repercussion against making a public remark that can potentially signify the change of the political, social as well as economic scenario of a country, as a whole, should be effectively in place to ensure that it's a strong deterrence against taking stance in the interest of self-promotion or self-preservation.

There may be an ardent need to assume a certain tone of aggression in the language used in order to draw incentive and motivation in some special cases. The pessimism of the intellect and the optimism of the will is, in fact, Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci influenced the idea that became popular as 'pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will' and was a central part of the student's movement in Paris in the year 1968.

A government is meant to compliment the social needs. It is not above the people. By dismantling the thriving presence of the government in managing social processes, there will be a decreased scope for it to make any ground-breaking statements as such. There, still, may be a gap between the degree of influence the impersonal positions of authority holds, as opposed to the general citizenry. But, having been privileged to be a part of a liberal democratic society have the option of being heard upon sincerely attempting to do so, and we must utilise this privilege when needed.

From the initial stage of learning in educational institutions itself, there needs to exist an environment encouraging insightful thinking. The discerning nature of certain ideologies and conversations, in real life, will become easily detectable when there is an academic exposure of the students in an environment which encourages to employ the mind. They will be able to differentiate between intelligent as well as hollow populist talk.

It is promisingly futuristic to consolidate an attitude of intellectualism against the crude vernacularism. It's a rather heartening way to ensure an improved ideological standard, social outlooks and for the posterity. Let us all, as citizens, pledge to refrain from indulging unwanted crude talks. We will take assistance of the online portals to reach the people around the world and make such acts viral by the usage of hashtags and ample conversation until it is registered as undesirable!

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